Industrial Oil-Based Rust Preventatives

Industrial strength oil-based rust preventatives provide heavy-duty corrosion resistance for maximum corrosion resistance needs.  Therefore, oil-based rust preventatives are crucial to protecting the part in preparation for industrial metal finishing applications.

Our solutions are available in the following packaging sizes:

  • 5-gallon pails
  • 55-gallon drums
  • 300-gallon totes

QC 2326 Inhibitor

  • QC 2326 Inhibitor is a highly effective, non-barium corrosion inhibitor
  • This solution is a brown liquid with a combination of corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers in an oil base
  • When added to water may be used as an immersion rust proofing liquid emulsion that will provide excellent humidity cabinet and salt spray protection


QC 2326 Inhibitor is used at 5% to 20% by volume in water (10% to 20% is typical).

This product can be used from temperatures ranging from ambient to 140° F.


1. Superior corrosion protection over a broad range of concentrations.
2. Good hard water stability.
3. Low cost product tailored to performance requirements.
4. Can be mixed with water which avoids fire hazards associated with other oil coatings (solvent based).
5. Will not build up in threads and recessed areas.
6. Can be applied to zinc phosphate parts as well as bare ferrous alloys.


Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D-1748) – Polished cold rolled steel panels.

  • QC 2326 Inhibitor @ 10% Concentration = 35 Days to Fail
  • QC 2326 Inhibitor @ 15% Concentration = 55 Days to Fail
  • QC 2326 Inhibitor @ 20% Concentration = 60+ Days to Fail

5% Salt (Federal Standard 791b Method 4001.2) – Sand-blasted and polished cold rolled steel panels.

  • QC 2326 Inhibitor @ 10% Concentration = 24 Days to Fail
  • QC 2326 Inhibitor @ 15% Concentration = 40 Days to Fail
  • QC 2326 Inhibitor @ 20% Concentration = 60 Days to Fail

Solution Makeup:

  • Fill tank to 50% with water. Slowly add QC 2326 Inhibitor while agitating.
  • Mix at least 5 minutes after addition has been made.
  • Fill tank to operating level while continuing agitation.
  • Heat tank to operating temperature.


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