Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Complete Guide

Cleaning and maintaining firearms by law enforcement agencies, antique gun collectors, operators at gun shooting ranges, hunters, or shooting lovers of any kind, can be difficult to do efficiently.  An ultrasonic gun cleaner system with a specialized gun cleaner chemical is a smart investment when the best possible maintenance on firearms and precision cleaning is needed.

This ultrasonic gun cleaner guide covers the following topics:

How Do Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners Work?

In order to maintain accuracy, safety, and extend the life of a firearm, it must constantly be cleaned.  Manually cleaning and lubricating firearms with rods, brushes, pads, solvents, and oils is not only time consuming but also not completely effective.  The average gun owner oils, and wipes down the exterior of their firearm and sprays lubrication into it, hoping it works its way into all the critical internal components.  This gives the firearm an appealing exterior, but a carbon filled, dirt-filled, lead-coated, gummed up components that have the potential for an issue.  Ultrasonic cleaning is a secret weapon when it comes to cleaning firearms.  Transducers are mounted to the bottom of the tank and powered by generators that vibrate the solution and create cavitation bubbles which unlike soap bubbles, will implode on contact with the parts in the solution and in turn clean the part even in extremely difficult to reach places.  The Miraclean Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner System is a precision firearm cleaner that contains a cleaning stage, a rinsing stage, and a lubrication stages all utilizing ultrasonics in one compact unit making for the best gun cleaner on the market.

MC Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner & Concentrate

MC Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner & Concentrate

Ultrasonic Cleaning Stage

With the use of ultrasonics and the correct chemistry in an ultrasonic gun cleaning machine, you simply need to load up parts into a basket, and flip the switch.  Ultrasonic’s use sound waves to generate microscopic bubbles that penetrate and remove soils from areas that are almost impossible to reach by other means.  The microscopic bubbles implode and create bursts of energy to remove soils from the firearm’s surface.  Basically, you set the firearm parts in the solution, flip a switch, and watch the black cloud of soil and dirt fly off the parts.

Rinse Stage

A quick Ultrasonic rinse allows all the cleaner and final bits of loose debris to be removed.  Ultrasonics assist in the rinsing ensuring all of the solution from the cleaning stage do not carry over into the oil stage, which could cause issues with your firearm.

Lubrication/Oil Stage

Ultrasonics are then used to drive oil deep into all crevices of the firearm.  Instead of applying oil on the firearm and hoping it creeps into all parts, you submerse the basket of parts into a tank of oil and the agitation/cavitation from the sound waves forces oil into every possible area.  Gun lubrication can be time consuming by hand and have the most damaging effects if done improperly.  The lubrication stage is critical to keeping your firearm corrosion free and to prevent rusting.  Ultrasonics ensure every area is properly lubricated.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Solution

Specialized Ultrasonic Chemical For Firearms

Specialized Ultrasonic Chemical For Firearms

The ultrasonic solution used in the gun cleaner is absolutely crucial to the success in cleaning your firearms.  Picking the wrong chemistry or using your cleaner at too low/high of concentration, as well as the temperature being too low/high can cause issues in cleaning.  A heavy-duty degreaser such as MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate that is safe on ferrous and nonferrous metals including aluminum and is made to cavitate efficiently in the ultrasonic cleaning tank is essential.  This formulation is also designed to specifically remove bullet shavings, powder residue, and other contaminants experienced by gun owners.

Depending on the size of the unit, a full firearm to multiple firearms can be cleaned all at once, while disassembling or reassembling other firearms.  The unit does the work for you which frees up time to proceed with other jobs that need to be done.  When used with our cleaning solution, MC Gun Cleaner, it requires a 10 minute ultrasonic clean, 2 minute ultrasonic rinse, and 2 minute ultrasonic oil.  That’s it!  Multiple guns, thoroughly cleaned and oiled to an extent that cannot be achieved by hand, in just minutes!

The ultrasonic advantage can be used on all levels including: manufacture, gunsmithing, professional armor, firing range, resale, competition shooters, and personal use.

MC Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner User Guide

Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner System

o 14 Gauge, 316 Stainless Steel Construction
o Stacked transducers
o 120 Volt, 40 kHz Generator

Calculating Chemistry & Tank Size:

MC Gun Cleaner is a concentrated, heavy-duty degreaser designed to properly cavitate when used with ultrasonics.  The operating temperature is 120°- 140°F.  This cleaner is safe on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum.  It is safe on plastic polymers, biodegradable, and has excellent rinsability.

As mentioned above, the MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate is alkaline detergent and needs to be diluted with water.  Below is a guide on how to determine the amount of cleaner to add to have your solution at 5%.

First, you need to determine the volume of your tank.  To determine the total gallonage of the tank, use the formula below:

  • Length x Width x Fill Height = Solution Volume (Gallons)
  • (L x W x FH = V)

Once the volume has been determined, simply multiply that number by 0.05.  This will give you the total amount of cleaner you should add to your tank.

  • Volume x (.05) = Cleaner Volume (Gallons)
  • (V x (.05) = CV)

Best practice to prepare the solution is to fill the tank half or slightly more than half full of water, add your desired amount of cleaner, then proceed to fill with water until you reach your working fill height.  MC Gun Cleaner, being a water-based solution, blends into the water quickly and easily with no need for aggressive stirring.  A couple passes or a couple up and down agitations with the basket is all that is needed to have the cleaner fully blended into the solution.

Please Note:  Once the cleaner is up to the desired temperature, allow the ultrasonics to run for 15 – 20 minutes to release air bubbles or what we call “De-gas” the solution.  Trapped or suspended air bubbles will dampen or partially block ultrasonic wave patterns.

**If at any point in this process or throughout the use of the cleaner, you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at (716)763-4114.  We will be happy to help!**

Cleaning Parameters Table:

Based on testing performed on firearms, we have established that in order to effectively clean, rinse, and oil a firearm using the MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate in the Miraclean Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning System, we run the stages at the following temperature, concentration, and time:

StationTemperatureConcentrationTimeSpecial Instructions
MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate (Cleaning Tank)120° – 140°F5%10 minutes in tank with ultrasonics running33,000 mL Tank (31,350 mL water, 1650 mL MC Gun Cleaner)
1650 mL = ~1/2 Gallon
Clean Water Rinse Tank120° – 140°F100%2 minutes with ultrasonics runningDI Water
Oil Tank120° – 140°F100%2 minutes with ultrasonics runningRemove, and allow oil to drain and dry

MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate (Cleaning Tank)

Temperature: 120° – 140°F

Concentration: 5% in Water

  • 33,000 mL Tank (31,350 mL water, 1650 mL MC Gun Cleaner)
  • 1650 mL = ~1/2 Gallon

Time: 10 minutes in tank with ultrasonics running

Clean Water Rinse Tank

Temperature: 120° – 140°F

Time: 2 minutes with ultrasonics running

Oil Tank

Temperature: 120° – 140°F

Time: 2 minutes with ultrasonics running

Remove, and allow oil to drain and dry

Cleaning Your Firearm

Before & After Ultrasonic Cleaned Gun Part

Before & After Cleaned Gun Part

Cleaning Steps:

  1. After calculating the chemistry and degassing the solution, disassemble your firearm and place parts in the basket
  2. Place basket in ultrasonic cleaning zone to remove soils and set a timer for 10 minutes
  3. Next, move the cleaned parts to the rinse zone to remove excess soils, which utilizes ultrasonics to increase performance and set a timer for 2 minutes
  4. Next, move the rinsed parts to the oil tank to prevent rusting, which also utilizes ultrasonics to drive the oil through the firearm parts and set a timer for 2 minutes
  5. Depending on the level of soil on the firearm additional cleaning may be necessary.  Repeat cleaning if needed.

Who Benefits From Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning?


Remove machining oils and metal shavings before finishing or assembly.  Ultrasonically clean shipped in parts not manufactured on site prior to firearm assembly.  Effectively clean firearms after prototype testing to reveal possible weak spots or rub areas.  Engineers can benefit from this information.  In order to achieve the desired uniform final finish on the firearm, the surface must be free of any oils or contaminants.  An ultrasonic pre-clean prior to the final finish is a fast, effective method.  Also, clean post testing, prior to packaging for sale based on the tests that must be performed.


Thoroughly and efficiently clean in minutes before working on firearm.  This gives you the ability to work with a clean surface.  If a firearm issue is unknown, removal of carbon and dirt soils may give you the ability to uncover the issue.  Also, offer an Ultrasonic cleaning service as another revenue stream.   Ultrasonic cleaning can be an upcharge to the traditional hand cleaning and many more firearms can be cleaned in a shorter amount of time.

Gun Coaters

The custom firearm coating market has boomed in the past few years.  Highly protective as well as visually appealing coatings are the latest craze.  So much so that some manufacturers are even offering these coatings stock out of the factory.  An oil/grease free surface is crucial to create a surface for proper coating adhesion without any bubbling or peeling.  The MC Gun Cleaner Concentrate used in ultrasonics has been tested prior to coatings and also on the final coating to make sure there is a thoroughly cleaned surface to adhere to and that the cleaner or ultrasonics does not dull or affect the finish.  Extensive testing concluded that there is no negative effect on common firearm finishes as well as aftermarket ceramic finishes.

Professional Armor

Ultrasonics gives you the ability to clean and thoroughly lubricate firearms in an efficient time.  Firearms can be torn down or reassembled while other parts are in the cleaner.  One person now has the ability to do two jobs at one time.  Saving time, saving money, and getting the firearms quickly back into the hands of law enforcement or military personnel who need them the most.

Firing Range

Ultrasonic Cleaner For All Sized Guns

Ultrasonics can be used on firearms of all sizes

When teaching new gun users or new gun owners how to shoot properly, liability is an issue.  Dirty, gummed up firearms in the hands of the general public can be a safety issue.  Properly cleaned and lubricated firearms provide maximum safety and firearm performance for the best user experience.  A nice-looking, clean rental firearm can also give your business a competitive advantage.


Cleaning with Ultrasonic power gives a firearm an almost, new in box appeal.  Firearm resellers who buy, sell and trade firearms can benefit from a clean, firearm to be able to sell at top dollar.  Gone will be the days of putting a gun on the shelf as-is because you do not want to pay someone to scrub down used guns all day.  Simply run the used firearm through ultrasonics to give it a fresh clean look to receive maximum profit back on your investment.

Competition Shooter

Competitive shooters know that it only takes one flyer to ruin a great round.  Carbon build-up, lead build-up, and old grease build-up can cause the dreaded flyer that could have been avoided.  Build upon the trigger assembly can throw off your trigger pull and create a pause or harder pull which can cause you to not fire when expected or a flinch.  Maximum clean = maximum accuracy.  The use of an ultrasonic clean can turn that 10 into a 10X.

Personal Use

Collectors, target shooters, and hunters can benefit greatly from an ultrasonic clean prior to putting that firearm back in the safe.  Collectors or display firearms must be properly cleaned and lubricated to keep the firearm from rusting over time.  Guns are expensive.  Target shooters need to keep these expensive firearms in good shape after a day on the range in order to extend the life of the firearm.  Hunters are the hardest on the firearms.  In order to bag the trophy of a lifetime, you need to be willing to hunt in the snow, the rain, and in the harshest landscape.  All the while, keeping your firearm in top shape to be able to make that shot when it counts.  Ultrasonics drive that dirt and debris out of all crevices to keep the firearm performing properly.

Experience the Ultrasonic Difference

We recently purchased a Miraclean Ultra-Sonic cleaning unit from Miraclean Aqueous Cleaning Systems in Ashville New York. We have used a few different sonic cleaners here at our range over the last six years and none, have ever done a very good job in helping us keep our 120 plus rental gun fleet in good working order. After seeing a demonstration video on the Miraclean unit I contacted Jake and requested some more information on its capabilities. Jake was more than helpful with all my request and after a couple weeks we had decided to purchase their unit.
The build time was shorter then we were told and when it was complete, Jake personally came down with it and assisted us with the initial set up and training. The unit performs flawlessly, and we can clean around 8 handguns in about 20 minutes, with better results then just a hand cleaning job. We now offer cleaning services to our customers and have turned our unit into a cash generating area of our business. I can personally recommend the Miraclean System to anyone that may have many firearms to clean on a regular basis. There are cheaper systems out there but having wasted time and money on them myself I can honestly say that you do get what you pay for and you will be amazed at the results.

James ClarkOwnerBig Shots Indoor Range

Want to know more about gun cleaning with ultrasonic cleaners? Contact the specialists at our equipment division Miraclean Cleaning Systems, or our chemistry division Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. and find out more at 716-763-4114 or email us at info@cchemco.com