Industrial Rust Preventative

Chautauqua Chemicals manufactures rust preventative products using the latest in corrosion protection technology and has a full line of synthetic, emulsion, and oil/solvent-based inhibitors. Our rust preventative products are benchmarked using cabinet testing to provide humidity or salt spray protection for both short term and long term protection. Chautauqua Chemicals is committed to R&D on new formulations to meet the needs of customers.

Water Based Rust Preventative

QC 1030C-X

QC 240

QC 826

QC Rust Preventative

Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient-170°F Ambient-180°F Ambient-180°F Ambient-180°F
Concentration 2-20% 1-20% 2-20% 2-20%
Humidity Protection (ASTM D-1748) 48 hrs. 120 hrs. 240 hrs. 48 hrs.
Sodium Nitrate-Free
Mineral Oil-Free

Water Displacing

QC 165HF

QC 2213HF

Tech Sheet
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient Ambient
Concentration Use As Received Use As Received
Base Solvent Solvent/Oil
Flash Point 147°F 150°F
Film Characteristic Dry-to-Touch Soft, non-tacky
Film Thickness 0.05 mils. 0.14 mils
Salt Spray Protection (ASTM B-117) 24 hrs. 48 hrs.
Humidity Protection (ASTM D-1748) 50+ days 60+ days
Mineral Oil-Free

Water Emulsifiable

pH 7.5-8
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient-140°F
Concentration 5-20%
Salt Spray Protection (ASTM B-117) 60-72 hrs. @20%
Humidity Protection (ASTM D-1748) [email protected]%
Film Characteristic Varies Based Concentration
Mineral Oil-Free
Stable Emulsion