Stainless Steel Copper Brass


Oils Water-based–amines, nitrites Soluble Oils Waxes
Lacquers–water and solvent based, acrylic, water based nitrocellulose Water Displacing Oils Brass/Copper Inhibitors


Iron, zinc, manganese, and organic conversion coatings Spray and immersion Seals–chrome, non-chrome, oils Accelerators-grain refiners
Pre-Cleaners Dip/spin, dip/drain paints


Black Chrome Copper

  • cyanide, alkaline non-cyanide, acid (sulfate), electroless, pyrophosphate

  • watts (bright), semi-bright, velours, black-nickel, micro-porous

  • acid and alkaline

  • cyanide
Electroless Nickel

  • low, mid, and high phosphorous, nickel-boron, bright, semi-bright, recoverable, low stress, high build
Nickel Alloys

  • nickel/iron, nickel/cobalt
Tin Alloys

  • tin/lead, tin/nickel, tin/cobalt
Bronze Gold

  • electronic and decorative
Nickel Sulfamate Zinc

  • acid (including mixed salts), alkaline non-cyanide, cyanide

  • acid, cyanide
Hard Chrome (Industrial)

  • catalyzed, including fluoride-free
Paladium Zinc Alloys

  • zinc/cobalt, zinc/iron, zinc/nickel
Chrome (Decorative)

  • Hexvalent and Trivalent
Mechanical Plating

  • zinc, tin, chromium, zinc/tin, zinc/aluminum, brass, copper


Air and Heat cured primers for tool handles, plating racks, protective coatings


Emulsion Oils Lacquers Waxes Dry-Film Lubricants
Water Displacing Oils


Plated Deposits Strippers Non-solvent Non-Cyanide & Cyanide Rack Strippers
Paint Strippers Electrolytic


Burnishing Cleaning Inhibiting Scale Removers
Media Cleaners and Inhibitors


Emulsion Breaking Coagulants Depuratives Metal Scavengers
Polymers (Flocculants) Odor Controls


Acetic Acid Glacial Diatomaceous Earth (various grades) Methyl Amyl Keytone (MAK) Sodium Bifluoride
Acetone Diethylene Glycol Methyl Ethyl Keytone (MEK) Sodium Bisulfite 38%
Activated Carbon, (granular & powdered) DiPotassium Phosphate Methyl Isobutyl Keytone Sodium Carbonate (light & dense)
Aluminum Sulfate Drummond Soap Methylene Chloride Sodium Chlorate
Ammonia Anhydrous Gas Ethanol 3-190 Mineral Spirits (including odorless) Sodium Citrate
Ammonium Bifluoride Ethyl Acetate 99% Monosodium Phosphate Sodium Copper Cyanide
Ammonium Chloride Ethylene Glycol Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric) Sodium Cyanide
Ammonium Hydroxide Ferric Ammonium Oxalate 25% N-Butanol Sodium Dichromate
Ammonium Oxalate Ferric Chloride Nickel Bromide 18% Sodium Fluoride
Ammonium Persulfate Ferric Sulfate Nickel Carbonate Sodium Gluconate
Ammonium Sulfamate Ferric Manganese Nickel Chloride Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Ammonium Sulfate Ferrous Sulfate Nickel Fluoborate Sodium Hydrosulfite
Ammonium Thiosulfate Fluoboric Acid Nickel Sulfamate 24 oz. Sodium Hydroxide (see Caustic Soda)
Aqua Ammonia Formic Acid 90% Nickel Sulfate Sodium Hypochlorite
Barium Carbonate Gluconate 60 Liquid GA-7 Nitric Acid Sodium Hypophosphite
Bicarbonate of Soda Glycerine N-Methyl Pyrrolidone Sodium Metabisulfite
Borax Glycol Ether DB N-Propanol #1 Sodium Nitrate
Boric Acid Glycol Ether DPM Oxalic Acid Sodium Nitrite
Brominating Pool Tablets Glycol Ether EB Perchlorethylene Sodium Persulfate
Butyl Acetate Glycol Ether EE Acetate Perchloric Acid Sodium Silicofluoride
Cadmium Oxide Glycol Ether EP Phosphoric Acid Sodium Stannate
Calcium Carbonate Glycol Ether PM Plastisols Sodium Sulfide
Calcium Chloride Hydrazine Solution 35%, 54.4% PM Acetate Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous
Calcium Hypochlorite Hydrobromic Acid 48% Polyethylene Glycol 1000 Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Calcium Polysulfide Liquid Hydrochloric Acid Potassium Bicarbonate Stannous Chloride
Caustic Potash Hydrofluoric Acid 70% Potassium Carbonate Stannous Fluoborate
Caustic Soda Bead (Sodium Hydroxide) Hydrofluosilicic Acid (HFS) Potassium Chloride Stannous Sulfate
Caustic Soda Flake Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Potassium Citrate Sulfamic Acid
Caustic Soda Liquid, technical grade Hydroquinone Potassium Copper Cyanide Sulframin 40 DA
Caustic Soda Liquid, membrane grade Hydroxyacetic Acid 70% Potassium Dichromate Sulfur Dioxide, Gas
Cellulose (various grades) Isopropyl Acetate Potassium Gold Cyanide Sulfur Solid-Ground Powder
Chlorine Gas Isopropyl Alcohol Potassium Hydroxide Sulfuric Acid
Chromic Acid Lead Fluoborate Potassium Nitrate Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate
Citric Acid Lead Methane Sulfonic Acid Potassium Permanganate Tin Methane Sulfonic Acid
Cobalt Chloride Lime, Hydrated Potassium Stannate Toluene
Cobalt Sulfamate Limestone, Pulverized Proprietary Solvent Tripotassium Phosphate
Cobalt Sulfate Magnesium Chloride Propylene Glycol Trisodium Phosphate
Copper Carbonate Magnesium Hydroxide Rochelle Salts Trycol 5944-A Surfactant
Copper Chloride Magnesium Oxide Salt (various grades) VM&P Naptha
Copper Cyanide Magnesium Sulfate Sequestrene EDTA 220 Xylene
Copper Fluoborate Malic Acid DL Silicate of Soda Grade 40, 42 Zinc Chloride
Copper Sulfate Metasilicate Silver Cyanide Zinc Cyanide
Denatured Alcohol Methane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Acetate Zinc Oxide
Diacetone Alcohol Methanol Sodium Aluminate Zinc Stearate


  • Hot black oxides for steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc, nickel, iron
  • Room temperature blackening for zinc, steel, stainless steel, nickel, copper, brass, aluminum
  • Verdi-Green for copper and brass


Dispersants Inhibitors Biocydes Descalers


Soak Electro Ultrasonic Buffing Compound Removers
Spray Non-emulsifying Cold Wipe


Passivation Anodizing Black Oxide Chromate


Dry Film Synthetics Oils and soluble oils Biocides
Drawing, honing, drilling, tree-panning, broaching, lathe, tapping, forming, stamping products, all metals & substrates Vanishing Oils Hydraulic & Compressor Oils
Non-Chlorinated Oils