Industrial Metal Cleaning Chemicals | Acidic & Aqueous Cleaners

Chautauqua Chemicals’ spray cleaners remove a variety of contaminants such as machining lubricants, oils, dirt, polishing compounds, greases and lapping compounds. Chautauqua Chemicals has a full line of products that are made to work on most substrates include ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals including aluminum. Chautauqua Chemicals in process cleaners are developed for the environment and use the latest in surfactant technology.

Industrial In-Process Spray Cleaners For Steel


MC 1250 LF

MC 525 LF

MC 990 LF

MC 660 LF

Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet
pH 9-10 11-12 12-13 12-13
Normal Operating Temperature 130-160°F 130-160°F 130-180°F 130-180°F
Concentration 5-20% 5-25% 3-20% 3-20%
Heavy Duty
Low Foam
Free Rinsing