Industrial Metal Cleaning Chemicals | Acidic & Aqueous Cleaners

Chautauqua Chemicals’ spray cleaners remove a variety of contaminants such as machining lubricants, oils, dirt, polishing compounds, greases and lapping compounds. Chautauqua Chemicals has a full line of products that are made to work on most substrates include ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals including aluminum. Chautauqua Chemicals in process cleaners are developed for the environment and use the latest in surfactant technology.

Spray Cleaners For Copper Alloys

Copper Alloys

MC 690 LF

MC 610 LF

MC 525 LF

MC 660 LF

Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet
pH 2-3 8-9 11-12 12-13
Normal Operating Temperature 130-160°F 130-160°F 130-180°F 130-180°F
Concentration 5-20% 5-25% 3-20% 3-20%
Heavy Duty
Low Foam
Free Rinsing