• High-Performance Solutions

    A wide variety of custom chemical options to blend, package and custom label your products to you and your customer’s specifications.

  • Custom Packaging Sizes:

    -Packaging sizes customized to your specific needs.
    -Ability to process company logos on products labels.

  • Quality Assurance:

    -Lot traceability
    -Quality control testing of raw ingredients and finished solutions.
    -Retention of custom blends.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. We first analyze you and your customer’s cleaning needs to come up with the best possible packaging size and cleaning solution for the job.
  2. Simple product ordering with our excellent customer service team.
  3. We process your order and ship out to your customer or you in a timely manner.

Private Labeling: Our Solutions, Your Brand

We offer private labeling for any of Chautauqua Chemical Co., Inc’s branded cleaning products.

Our state of the art mixing facility combined with our desire to create the most effective cleaning solutions available today allow us to provide you and your customers the most efficient products with your brand.

Cleaning solutions range from general maintenance and green cleaners to ultrasonic, spray wash, mass finishing, plating, and metal finishing, and rust preventatives.

Our packaging sizes range from spray bottles to 300 gallon totes.

Feel free to reach out in regards to our private labeling services for you and your customers.