Specialty Cleaning chemicals for Industrial Manufacturing

Ultrasonic Solutions

Ultrasonic Cleaning, Alkaline, Acidic

Industrial Grade Aluminum Spray Cleaners

Spray Wash

Spray Wash Clean, Alkaline, Acidic


Heavy-Duty All-Purpose, Floor Cleaners

Green Products

Biodegradable, Renewable Resources

Mass Finishing Supplies

Degreasing, Burnishing, Rust Protection

Plating & Metal Finishing

Soak Electroclean, Acid Activation

Rust Preventative Solutions

Water and Oil Based, Humidity Cabinet Protection

Glass Polishing Compounds

Cleaning and Polishing Compound

Specialty Cleaning Solutions:

Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. formulates and manufactures our own brand of specialty cleaning chemicals designed for industrial applications.

Specialty Cleaning Solutions are cleaning products designed specifically to perform in a certain application.

While you may be able to get by in your cleaning process with a product that isn’t specifically designed for it, you are leaving money on the table and hurting efficiency by not using a specialty cleaner.

Below is the process that everyone looking to get the most out of their cleaning products should go through:

  1. The first step to specialty cleaning solutions is to find a reputable chemical manufacturer with experience in custom formulations.
  2. The next step to specialty cleaning solutions is to work with the manufacturer to determine which kind of cleaning product you need to get the job done.
  3. The final step is to verify that the specialty cleaning solutions perform to the level that needs and is as efficient as possible.

What specialty cleaning solution do you need?

Below are the specialty chemical solutions that we offer and their uses:

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions:  Alkaline, Acidic, or Neutral PH designed for ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Spray Wash Solutions:  Alkaline, Acidic, and Neutral PH designed for spray wash cabinets and equipment

Green Cleaning Products:  Designed with the environment in mind; ultrasonic cleaning, maintenance, spray wash solutions

Maintenance Products: High-performance all-purpose maintenance and floor cleaning solutions

Mass Finishing:  High-performance mass finishing products for burnishing, cleaning, deburring, and descaling

Plating & Metal Finishing: High-performance cleaners for cleaning, etching, and electroplating

Rust Preventatives:  Water and oil-based rust preventatives

Glass Cleaners:  A High-performance alternative to cerium oxide compound