Chautauqua Chemicals Co.

For all your metal finishing supply needs, Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. has you covered.

Companies all around the world trust our specialty cleaning solutions to meet their process goals.  From pretreatment cleaning solutions, corrosion inhibitors, mass finishing compounds, and electroplating & metal finishing solutions, we have what you need for your application!

Corrosion Control

Mass Finishing

Specialty compounds for cleaning, deburring, descaling, burnishing.  Equipment and media.

Plating & Metal Finishing

Electroplating & Metal Finishing Supplies

Electrocleaners, etchants, acid activators, electroplating equipment, anodes, anode bags, conversion coatings, commodity chemicals, and plating additives


Our equipment division, Miraclean Ultrasonics, manufactures precision cleaning equipment, titanium anodizing, and passivation equipment for a variety of industries.

Chautauqua Metal Finishing Supply

Our metal finishing division, Chautauqua Metal Finishing Supply, distributes and supplies electroplating and metal finishing supplies and equipment.