Glass polishing compounds for industrial applications

Polishing Compound


Cleaning Properties:

  • White Powder


PH: 9.5-10.5

Composition: Silicon Dioxide (Quartz) Based

Particle Size: ≤ 5 µm (Median Size: 1.6 – 1.8 µm)

Guides & Documents:

Glass Polishing Compounds: A More Economical Choice

The standard for glass polishing has been the same for many years, the use of cerium oxide powder.

While effective, this glass cleaner can be expensive to use in large quantities.

Using the latest in glass cleaner ingredients, Chautauqua Chemicals innovated a compound that is similar to the cerium oxide glass polish but is more economical.

With over 40 years of glass cleaning chemistry, Chautauqua Chemicals’ Glass Products is a proven, high-quality option for the glass and mirror industry that is looking for a more economical solution.

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