Industrial Mass Finishing

Mass Finishing Compounds:

  • Used to remove soil, grease, and oil from incoming parts.  They also are used to burnish, descale, and prepare the part for further finishing.

Mass Finishing Equipment:

  • Tumbling, Vibratory, Centrifugal: New Equipment, Reline Existing Equipment, Spare Parts, Barrels, Bowls, Tubs, Ovals, Magnetic Separating Tools, Compound Feed Systems, Abrasive Belts, Discs, Specialties

Mass Finishing Media:

  • Abrasive Blast: Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Glass Bead, Plastic Bead, Corn Cob
  • Abrasive Tumbling: Preformed profiles and sizes in most compositions, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Plastic (Resin Bond), Microbrite (Porcelain), Steel and Stainless Steel, Corn Cob

The Mass Finishing Process

Mass finishing processes are a group of manufacturing methods used to finish large quantities of parts simultaneously.  This finishing application combines the right equipment, media, and chemical compounds to make a once difficult task, much more efficient.  The mass finishing supplies used are crucial to the overall effectiveness of the process.  Compounds are added to the mass finishing process to assist in:

  • Cleaning the part
  • Removing burrs
  • Brighten or develop certain colors
  • Improve surface properties
  • Remove oxides and scale

Synergy of Components

Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. formulates and manufactures our own brand of mass finishing compounds to work with the correct mass finishing media and mass finishing equipment:

  • Media Types: Aluminum, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Steel, Ceramic, Corn-Cob, Glass Beads, Plastic Beads, Microbrite (Porcelain)
  • Equipment Types: Tumble Barrels, Vibratory Finishers, Centrifugal Barrels, Centrifugal Disc Machines
  • Compound Type: Cleaning, Descaling, Deburring & Burnishing