Industrial Rust Preventative

Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. manufactures industrial rust inhibitors to provide protection for the inevitable problem of corrosion in dealing with metal.  Rust and oxides are no match for specially formulated rust preventatives and critical for successful metal finishing and manufacturing applications.

Our philosophy is to discuss your application before making a proper recommendation on a product.  Contact us today for a rust preventative solution for your application.

Our rust inhibitors are formulated to pass the following tests:

  • Humidity Cabinet Protection (ASTM D-1748)
  • Salt Spray Protection (ASTM B-11)


QC 1030C-X

QC 240

QC 826

QC Rust Preventative

Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet Tech Sheet
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient-170°F Ambient-180°F Ambient-180°F Ambient-180°F
Concentration 2-20% 1-20% 2-20% 2-20%
Humidity Protection (ASTM D-1748) 48 hrs. 120 hrs. 240 hrs. 48 hrs.
Sodium Nitrate-Free
Mineral Oil-Free


QC 165 HF

QC 2213 HF

Tech Sheet Tech Sheet
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient Ambient
Concentration Use As Received Use As Received
Base Solvent Solvent/Oil
Flash Point 147°F 150°F
Film Characteristic Dry-to-Touch Soft, non-tacky
Film Thickness 0.05 mils. 0.14 mils
Salt Spray Protection (ASTM B-117) 24 hrs. 48 hrs.
Humidity Protection (ASTM D-1748) 50+ days 60+ days
Mineral Oil-Free


QC 2326

Tech Sheet
Recommended Operating Temperature Ambient-140°
Concentration 5-20%
Base Solvent
Flash Point 275°F
Film Characteristic Dry-to-Touch
Film Thickness 0.05 mils.
Salt Spray Protection (ASTM B-117) 60 hrs.
Humidity Protection (ASTM D-1748) 60+ days
Mineral Oil-Free

How To Choose Industrial Rust Inhibitors?

Corrosion inhibitors are absolutely crucial to manufacturing and particularly metal finishing operations.

Often times in working with certain metals, a rust preventive solution is a necessity to keeping the metal you are working with free from corrosion and oxidation.

Choosing the correct rust preventative for you comes down to matching what types of metals needed to protect and the level of protection needed.

Water-based corrosion inhibitors provide the lowest amount of protection of the inhibitors, water-displacing corrosion inhibitors provide moderate levels of protection, while oil-based corrosion inhibitors provide the greatest level of protection.

Oil based are highly effective, non-barium corrosion inhibitor used as a rust proofing liquid emulsion that provides excellent humidity cabinet and salt spray protection.

Take into account the metals you are working with by what level of protection you need to determine what rust preventative solution your process requires.