Industrial Strength Aluminum Cleaners

Chautauqua Chemicals manufactures ultrasonic cleaning solutions specifically for aluminum substrates.  These solutions have been carefully tested to ensure the most efficient clean on aluminum, without harming the soft metal.

MC 401

Heavy-duty degreaser for use in soak and ultrasonic wash systems. It is safe on ferrous and nonferrous metals including aluminum.

Usage Information:

  • Light to Medium-Duty: 5% Concentration
  • Heavy-duty Soil Removal: 15% Concentration
  • Operation Temperatures: 120° to 180° F


1. Water-based cleaner
2. Biodegradable
3. Excellent general purpose product, useful over a wide range of applications and operating conditions
4. Excellent rinsing

MC 47 R

Slightly alkaline degreaser formulated with pre-registered REACH and renewable resource ingredients.

Usage Information:

  • Light-Duty to Medium-Duty: 1% to 5% Concentration
  • Heavy-Duty Soil Removal:  7%-10% Concentration


1. Formulated with Renewable Resources
2. Biodegradable
3. Formulated with Pre-Registered REACH ingredients
4. Useful over a wide range of applications and operating conditions
5. Excellent rinsing

MC 250

Low alkaline, silicate free, buffered pH cleaner that is highly fortified with surfactants. Designed specifically as a soak cleaner for aluminum.  Will prepare aluminum for post seeding operations without etching the surface.

Usage Information:


-5 – 20 %


-130° – 170 °F

Soak Time:

-5 – 10 Minutes


1. Water-based cleaner
2. Non-Silicated
3. Buffered pH
4. Multi-metal safe
5. Excellent rinsing

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