Chautauqua Chemicals Co. offers a wide range of products using the latest surface active technology and is committed to sustainability and quality. Chautauqua Chemicals Co. products are formulated with worker safety, cost and the environment in mind. Chautauqua Chemicals Co. has field proven products with excellent technical support. Some examples of these products range from in-process detergents, high humidity protection corrosion inhibitors to green cleaners designed for the environment. Please review our product listing and contact us to review your application needs


Cleaners-In Process

spray, immersion


Green Products

biodegradable, renewable resources


Maintenance Cleaners

all purpose, floor


Mass Finishing

degreasing, burnishing, rust protection


Plating & Metal Finishing

soak electroclean, acid activation

Rust Preventative

Rust Preventative

water and oil based