Electrocleaner Chemicals for Copper

Electrocleaner chemicals are used to provide excellent degreasing of copper in preparation for plating and metal finishing processes.  Therefore, electrocleaner chemicals for copper are critical to the success of copper plating and finishing.

Our solutions are available in the following packaging sizes:

  • 5-gallon pails
  • 55-gallon drums
  • 300-gallon totes

Miraclean EC-220

  • Miraclean EC-220 is a highly alkaline liquid soak and electrocleaner
  • Used on ferrous metals, copper, and copper plated work
  • Formulated to be free rinsing, low foaming, and highly conductive (5% solution – 62 mS per cm)
  • Will remove a variety of soils including oils, greases, and lubricants
  • Can also be used as a spray cleaner and will also keep plating barrels and other equipment clean and free of oils

Operating Conditions:


  • 0.4 – 4% by volume for spray cleaning.
  • 5 – 15 % by volume for soak and electrocleaning.


  • 120 – 180° F (49 – 82° C)


  • 6 – 9 volts


  • 50 – 125 amps per ft2 at 6 volts.


  • Nickel-plated steel (perforated). Mild steel is also satisfactory.

Solution Makeup:

  1. Fill tank ⅔ full with cold or warm water.
  2. Slowly add required amount of Miraclean EC-220 with mild agitation.
  3. Add water to operating level and heat to temperature.


  1. Low Foaming.
  2. Non-Silicated.
  3. Long bath life.
  4. Can be used as a soak, spray, and electrocleaner.
  5. High level of conductivity.
  6. Excellent smut removal.
  7. Liquid product can be used with automatic feed.
  8. Easy to handle.


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