Electrocleaner Chemicals for Titanium

Industrial electrocleaner chemicals are used to provide excellent degreasing of titanium in preparation for plating and metal finishing processes.  Therefore, electrocleaner chemicals for titanium are critical to the success of titanium plating and finishing.

Our solutions are available in the following packaging sizes:

  • 5-gallon pails
  • 55-gallon drums
  • 300-gallon totes

MC 520

  • MC 520 is a silicate-free heavy-duty detergent for use in soak and ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Safe for use on stainless steel, nickel, cobalt chrome, and titanium alloys
  • Excellent for removing polishing compounds and blast media from medical implants and instruments
  • It can also be used to remove general machine oils

Operating Conditions:

This product is diluted with water before usage. Determine proper ratio based on the volume of the tank.

For normal soil removal:

  • Mix MC 520 at 2% to 10% with water

Operating Temperatures:

  • 130° to 180° F


  1. Excellent removal of polishing compounds and blast media
  2. Useful over a wide range of applications and operating conditions
  3. Excellent rinsability


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