• High-Performance Solutions:

    -Blended using only highest quality ingredients.
    -Custom blending and packaging available.

  • Analytical Testing

    State of the art laboratory available for detailed testing of your parts at our facility by our experienced process evaluators.

  • Saving Labor

    No need to waste your employees time and energy on solving troubling cleaning process issues.

Factors To Think About:

Below are factors to take into account in any cleaning process:

  1. The part substrate (What is it made out of?)
  2. Size and geometry of the part (How big is the part?)
  3. Soils that need to removed (What are you removing from the part?)
  4. Process Specifications (What are the requirements for your process?  Is a corrosion inhibitor needed?)
  5. Lot size (Volume and weight of the whole batch)
  6. Lot integrity (How crucial is cleanliness?)
  7. Throughput requirements or production goals (How many parts per hour are you looking to get from cleaning?)
  8. Cleanliness measurement (Does the cleaning process pass visual and particle count tests?)

Here’s How It Works:

Below is our standard process for application testing and sampling:

  1. We send you an application questionnaire to better understand your cleaning process.
  2. You either send us your pre-cleaned part that you want us to test at our facility, or we send you a free sample to test at your facility. (Prospect pays for shipping)
  3. We use the most optimal chemistry and cleaning process for your application.
  4. We test your part and verify the most efficient process for you, or send you recommended parameters for a free sample.
  5. A written lab report detailing the parameters that were used and steps that were taken is written up and sent to you, or we will be at your disposal for technical support to verify the sample is used optimally.

Free Test Cleaning & Samples: A More Efficient Way

In today’s manufacturing world, inefficiency and uncertainty in cleaning applications can cost you a lot of money and time.

You aren’t the expert in cleaning and don’t have the resources to experiment and improve your cleaning application.

Therefore, cleaning processes that are difficult to perfect because of all the different parameters that are involved are made easier with process testing programs and free solution sampling.

Wasting time and money on perfecting your cleaning process is not only inefficient but can be completely avoided.

Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc. offers free application testing or samples to anyone looking to get the most optimal cleaning process in the most efficient way possible.

Feel free to reach out for free test cleaning or samples!